Saturday, 1 March 2014

Lesson to Learn From this Picture of GEJ and Gen. Buhari

President GoodLuck Ebere Jonathan and General Mohammed Buhari at the Centenary celebration; some people will be abusing and killing themselves over nothing for the two.Politics should be played with sense.Some don't see reasons for celebrations,but our leaders does....God bless Nigeria

Some comments from Nigerians about this unity...............

* This is the whole idea of the centenary awards. Pictures like this can help heal the nation. Let this nation heal. A situation where certain individuals choose to politicize the killings of innocent Nigerians and by default actually support Boko haram in the name of criticizing the government is just plain pathetic and unpatroitic.

* I still believe in Nigeria. Someday, just as this picture depicts, we shall live as brothers and true friends in the spirit of that UNITY AND FAITH. God bless Nigeria.

* That's the love, Gen. Buhari, show Tinubu, Bisi Akande, Lai Mohammed just how to be an opposition... Being an opposition doesn't mean you reject or turn down every proposal by the ruling Gov't just to make the ruling Gov't look incompetent.

 *Although Gej is corrupt, i like to see our politicians replicating this kind of gesture. Politics should never be a do or die affair!

* Truth of the matter is that Gen Buhari is already in the final realisation that he has bEen hobnobbing with serpents and vipers who are waiting in the wings to devour and strike a deadly blow on him without any provocation. He has realised that GEJ is just not as bad as the lot of them Tinubu, El' rufai, Amaechi and Obj.  Be that as it may, this is a good development from the general. This is political maturity at it's highest. While baba Iyabo has now become the leader of local and disgruntled politicians, Buhari is charting a new course in his political career.

* I foresee a beautiful world, a beautiful Nigeria where all tribes will be one, a beautiful Nigeria Nigeria where common man will have access to good road, adequate and proper life security,employment for the graduates, a new haven for all citizen .... I hope this come to reality during our time and that of future generation. Together we can build a new,peaceful, and a beautiful Nigeria. Spread the message

* No enemity in politics!
Same also there is nothing like accident in politics,everything that happens in politics is planned. No unfair fight,always win,the only unfair fight is the one you lose.

That's just little of the comments because the comments is much.........God Bless Nigeria

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