Sunday, 20 April 2014

Reaction of Presidency to Nyako Letter

The Presidency on Saturday reacted sharply to a letter written by Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa State to his northern governors, Nyako had in the letter accused the Federal Government under President Goodluck Jonathan’s watch as carrying out genocide against northern states with impunity.

President on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe,, therefore, urged Nigerians to ignore the letter which he described as senseless letter. “It is obvious that Governor Nyako’s opposition to the declaration of a state of emergency in three affected states of the North East as well as his repeated calls for the withdrawal of the Military from troubled states without any credible alternative or security road map, is an open endorsement of the activities of the insurgents which is meant to provide them unrestricted opportunity to further unleash terror on innocent citizens in order to precipitate chaos, further instability, mayhem and anarchy; a situation which they intend to exploit to undermine the administration and truncate our growing democracy. This, Nigerians will surely not allow to happen.”

Comments from Nigerians to Nyako Letter...........

  • Nyakos letter is an insult to the Ibos not even Jonathan-“Governor Nyako claims that President Goodluck Jonathan is from the Eastern region which, according to him, is responsible for the killing of Northern political elites on the 15th of January 1966-hence the backing of the presidency for boko haram-does the above statement make sense--is the president from south eastern 9ja? And of what benefit is BH going to be to Jonathan? Only a mad man will issue such rubbish-A Naval officer who was trained with the oil resources of the Niger delta and does not not know where Gej comes from needs to have his head examined--perhaps he is on drugs--or sneaked into 9ja to join d Navy< from the Cameroon mountains via the camel route-
  • The governor, not the presidency, should be held accountable for the security challenges in Adamawa State. He's the chief security officer of the state and if he can't provide security for the people living in the state, then he's not fit to be governor. It is therefore fatuous to blame the presidency instead of the governor for the unrest and killings in Adamawa.
  •  it baffles me that many unpatriotic Nigerians have forgotten that the Governor is actually the CSO of his STate...It baffles me that they blame GEJ alone for the insecurity in their states...hahabbaaa!!! these guys are really annoying.
    I remember when Rivers State was a den for criminals and how cultists overtook the State.
    Gov Amaechi (NOT GEJ) simply rose to the occasion ....and solved the insecurity problem of Rivers State. Other governors like Gov Chime, and even Fashola have their State securities under full control today after tackling initial challenges in the past. And we have this imbecile called Nyako ranting here, politicizing the insecurity in his State.
    Any Governor who cannot solve the insecurity issues in his State is a FAILURE to start with. This Idiotic gov called Nyako is pathetic. I swear.If Governor Nyako was on the pages of Newpapers asking the President to grant him full access and control of the security apparatus needed for him to end this insurgence... as well as funds or any other resources that he needs to enable him deploy a different strategy or a veteran and elected representative of the people, we would understand.
    But he is here accusing the president and making excuses for himself.
    And some punks are supporting his rants.
    This is unbelievably... Really pathetic!!
    I'm beginning to see why Nigeria is doomed.
    Such a creep as governor. my goodness!!

    God Bless Nigeria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Source: The Punch

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