Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Is Norther Leaders Helping with this Boko Haram issue

Thirty-five persons were killed on Sunday during a fierce gunfight between insurgents and soldiers  in  Mafa, a community  45 kilometres to the East of Maiduguri, Borno State.
Security and eyewitnesses said that 32 civilian victims were given mass burial on Monday. The other three victims are believed to be policemen.

Let come to think of it......What are the Northern Leaders doing to stop this killing of a thing? Nothing i think, instead they are there blaming FG/GEJ. i think they should sit down together and think of it that why is it that the killing is in the North only and not the South, West or East. FG are to blame no doubt, but what are they also doing to stop the killing. Maybe some of them are sponsoring them but why will you be killing your own people by yourself that's the question am still confuse about but to say the truth, Norther Leaders need to sit down and find better solution to the killing everyday.....God Bless Nigeria.

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